Fighting For Freedom Takes Courage

My Resignation From the Connecticut State Senate

Alex Kasser
3 min readJun 22, 2021

State Senator Alex Kasser

It is with deep sadness that I announce my resignation as State Senator. Serving the residents of Connecticut’s 36th Senate district has been a profound honor and a great joy. However, due to personal circumstances, I cannot continue. For nearly three years, I’ve been trying to divorce Seth Bergstein. As all survivors of domestic abuse know, emancipating ourselves is an epic struggle that takes years, requires unflinching courage and all our resources — mental, physical, and financial. Seth uses his powerful position at Morgan Stanley to enable his conduct, so I must work even harder to fight for my freedom. Because of the enormous time and energy this consumes, I can no longer serve my constituents to my fullest ability.

In addition, I can no longer live or work in Greenwich as it is loaded with memories of the 20 years I spent raising my children here. It is too painful to be in Greenwich now that I’ve been erased from their lives, just as their father promised would happen if I ever left him. My partner, Nichola Samponaro, also grew up in Greenwich and her family have been respected members of this community for over 40 years. Seth Bergstein has tried to destroy her too — with lies about our relationship and harassing court motions that mention her 56 times for no relevant reason- she had nothing to do with ending my marriage. The truth is that Nichola’s love, support and willingness to volunteer for me, despite being publicly shamed for her presence in my life, gave me the strength to endure this personal battle and fulfill my responsibility to the public. I will not stay silent as a homophobic, entitled man attacks my partner.

I ran for office because we need leaders who put principle before party and are loyal to facts, not factions. In court filings, Seth Bergstein accuses me of being ambitious. It is astounding that men are lauded for their ambition while women are still vilified for theirs. My ambition is to work for the emancipation and equal rights of every person and I am proud that my legislative record reflects an unwavering commitment to the principles of Truth, Justice and Democracy. I am particularly proud of introducing and passing legislation including the Parentage Act and Jennifers’ Law so that no one is shamed for who they are or trapped in an abusive situation, as I was. Going forward, I will continue to fight against bullying and bigotry in all its forms. Now that I’ve found my voice, I will never stop using it.

I am forever grateful for the honor of representing this district and the opportunity to move the needle towards progress. I thank those who supported me during this difficult time and I wish everyone peace.